Undergraduate Project

LTPHN has been engaged in a number of projects aimed at enhancing the teaching and learning of public health for a variety of undergraduate and health professional pre-qualification courses.

Undergraduate Project 1: Developing public health teaching and learning resources (medical undergraduates)

As part of the LTPHN's undergraduate project, the LTPHN has been engaged in identifying, quality assessing and disseminating high quality teaching and learning resources. These will be made available through our searchable resource database. At present teaching and learning resources (in the form of teaching and learning packs as PDF's and accompanying powerpoint presentations with slide notes) are available in a variety of public health subjects aimed at medical undergraduates but could be easily adapted for other health professionals. Teaching and learning packs and powerpoint presentations are available in the following subjects:
We will be adding to and updating these resources and hope to include teaching and learning resources to support those working in the wider public health workforce.

Undergraduate Project 2: Enhancing the public health content of pre-qualification health professional courses

LTPHN has now pilot tested and completed a public health unit comprising of four discrete, but interconnected units focussing on the public health aspects of four clinical areas of practice: Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Child Health. These are aimed at teachers and students on undergraduate, prequalification health courses. These units are now available through the HealthKnowledge website, as part of a suite of resources for teaching and learning public health. Each unit comprises of a set of powerpoint slides, workbook and guidance notes. The units are aslo available to download here:

CHD Presentation

CHD Workbook

CHD Answer Sheet

Child Health Presentation

Child Health Workbook

Child Health Answers

Diabetes Presentation

Diabetes Workbook

Diabetes Answers

Stroke Presentation

Stroke Workbook

Stroke Answers



For further information on this project please contact Fiona Sim or Lorraine Williams