Healthy Weight for London's Children Project

The London Teaching Public Health Network has been commissioned by the Department of Health to develop and deliver training to tackle childhood obesity in London during 2008/9.


Introduction to the project

The prevalence of overweight obesity in childhood is rising and in some London Boroughs has reached about one in three children by age 11 years. The government has introduced a national weighing and measuring programme in primary schools, but there are few, if any, properly evaluated interventions available to help tackle childhood obesity. The DH is supporting the LTPHN to develop targeted interventions for tackling overweight and obesity in primary school aged children. The project has two parts:

  1. to develop a one-day training pack and then train a cohort of trainers to deliver basic one-day training to a variety of audiences about management of overweight and obesity in London's children and maintenance of healthy weight; and
  2. to develop and pilot a more detailed training package (CHALK, Creating Health for Active London Kids), to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight, aimed at primary school aged children (4-7) and their parent(s)

For more information on the targeted intervention CHALK please visit the project website or contact Dr Fiona Sim for information on the any part of the project.