About us

Contributing to essential capacity building for health in London


The London Public Health Network was established in Autumn 2006. It is a London-wide collaboration of stakeholders, all of whom share a common objective to improve the capacity to deliver public health goals for Londoners. Stakeholders include universities, colleges of further education, PCTs, HPA, local authorities, voluntary sector organisations and others.

Achievements to date:

Development of a library of web-based learning resources, including a series of teaching modules for use in undergraduate clinical courses, e.g. nursing, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry

Creation of an online searchable directory of public health oriented courses available in Higher and Further Education in London

Partnering with Skills for Health to consult with public and voluntary sector organisations on feasibility of developing a Skills Passport in Health and Well-Being

Presentations at several meetings to promote acquisition of public health competences in the wider public health workforce

Third Sector engagement with public health delivery

Annual Stakeholder Conferences

Through facilitation, hosting or participation in meetings or conferences, and published papers, support of several capacity building initiatives, including: CVD prevention, Foundation Degrees in public health, development of e-learning materials, primary care practitioners with special interest (PwSI) in public health

Development and delivery of targeted interventions to address child obesity in London

Brokering partnerships/collaborations among stakeholders to encourage joint bids for research or service delivery

Acting as catalyst to energise collaborative working among academic departments and between academia and service public health