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The regional Teaching Public Health Networks have now been closed by the Department of Health. We are continuing to maintain and update the database of Network Stakeholders until decisions are made by NHS London about the strategic direction of Public Health development and capacity building activities. We await, hopefully, a decision to retain and promote active contact and collaboration between public health professionals in the NHS and partner academic institutions and with third sector organisations committed to improving the health of Londoners. More about us.


This website contains information about us and the work we do. Members of the Network will be able to search our regional 'public health' course and resource database and download free materials to support teaching and learning in public health. Members will also receive invitations to our conferences and network events as well as a regular network e-newsletter. Membership is free.

Authors: Lorraine Williams and Fiona Sim. Last updated June 2011.

News: Identify your public health learning and development needs through PHCAT.

The purpose of the PHCAT tool is to make it easy to compare the type and level of competence needed to carry out a public health role with the level of competence a person already has. This will then help to identify specific learning and development needs in order to boost competence levels. PHCAT is hosted on the PHORCAST website www.phorcast.org.uk

Read here about the event - Getting Serious about Health Inequalities, held in May last year - presentations and photos are available here

Jo Skinner (London Metropolitan University) - Getting Health Innovation and Education clusters to work to deliver change

Penny Emerit (Commissioning Support for London) - Polysystems - how do they support tackling health inequalities in Sectors and PCTs?

Helen Davies (Greater London Authority) - Taking action: the Mayor's Health Inequalities Strategy's 'First Steps to Delivery'

Ian Banks (Men's Health Forum) - The NHS: a No Man's Land - tackling inequalities: a case study

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LPHN publishes a quarterly newsletter. You can visit the archive or the last newsletter:

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The Marmot Review Update

February 11th 2011 marked one year since the publication of the Marmot Review. The website is regularly being updated and improved and for example now has a full section on case studies from the report.

The European Office of the WHO is commissioning a European Review on the Social Determinants of Health and the Health divide. The Review will be conducted by a consortium of experts/institutions chaired by Professor Sir Michael Marmot. The purpose of the review will be to identify the relevance of the findings of the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health (CSDH), the strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England post 2010 (Marmot Review) and other new evidence to the European context and specificity and translate these into policy proposals. It will feed inot the development of a renewed European Regional Health Policy and contribute to specific aspects of the policy especially where it relates to the social determinants of health.

PHORCaST - Public Health Career Development Website

PHORCaST stands for Public Health Online Resource in Careers, Skills and Training. It is the first "one-stop shop" for UK-wide information on careers and development in public health and health and wellbeing.

New Public HealthTeaching Resources

New pre-qualification level public health teaching resources, on public health aspects of child health, diabetes, stroke and coronary heart disease, are now available to download from the Health Knowledge website. For further information of LTPHN involvement in this project see our current projects page

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